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Far East Intelligence Tops August Badge Sale

Bosleys held one of their popular Military Badge Auctions on the 29th August, this containing 648 lots of guaranteed original military badges.
The top price of the day was £1,400 paid for a rare WW2 Burma Intelligence Corps Cap Badge, the same price was paid for the following lot an Officer’s green cord device boss to the same unit. The military badges of the commonwealth attracted international bidding, from a least four continents, and £600 was paid for a Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps Officer’s pagri badge circa 1920-29., followed by £550 paid for a South African Gorringes Flying Column scarce Boer War sheet brass slouch hat badge and East African Rifles Victorian Officer’s helmet badge circa 1895-1901 sold for £420. An unusual Colonial item was a East African rare badge for Gallantry made of cast brass, most auctions would dismiss as rubbish consigning to a “Job Lot” of badges, however spotted and confirmed from our extensive reference library, Bosleys pin pointed the item thus attracting bidding up to £420. Cloth formation badges remain popular with an international collecting fraternity and £650 was paid for a 107th Light Anti-Aircaft Regiment attributed WW2 cloth felt embroidered formation sign. A rare embroidered windmill formation sign attributed to 710 Coy. RASC and issued for the West Holland District early 1945 sold for £600. An interesting selection of Great War Imperial Camel Corps badges caused great interest, with an Australian example selling for £320, a New Zealand badge at £320 and a rare unofficial New Zealand example selling for £480.
The market for traditional British cap badges saw a very fine example of the 21st (Empress of India’s) Lancers rare ‘crossed lances’ OR’s cap badge circa 1898-99 selling for £400 and a 6th Dragoon Guards NCO’s 1920 London hallmarked silver arm badge at 360. A number of scarce WW2 war raised Cavalry Regiment badges were consigned a number illustrated in the publication ‘For Hostilities Only’ by Peter Seaman
Full results of the sale are now online.