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Bosleys News

Bosleys Saledays Now At Their Ravon Court Saleroom

2020 is going to be an exciting time for Bosleys and we hope that our clients will be as keen as we are about the changes planned for the New Year. We are pleased to announce that we will be increasing the number of auctions, with a new format Bosleys Badge Auctions and four of  our new Bosleys Public Auctions.
Our first Bosleys Badge Auction will take place on the 29th January using our old familiar format, however the sales planed for April, July and November will be our new layout. This will include Shoulder Belt Plates, Shako Plates, Helmet Plates, Plaid Brooches, Rare Cloth Badges, Shoulder Titles, etc, infact we are combining the single badge section of our public auction with the contents of the Bosleys Badge Auction to create a new large format catalogue. This will still give clients a staggering selection of specially selected guaranteed original badge lots per sale but now four times a year. These sales will be online live bidding with a facility for commission bids etc. as before there will be no public attendance.

Our first Bosleys Public Auction will take place on the 4th March and for this sale we are introducing a number of what we know to be progersive changes. With the introduction of live internet bidding,  which has enables bidders to sit in the comfort of their homes while they bid in real time, has increased the number of bidders, this resulting in sales ending towards 7 o’clock in the evening. The new sale layout, by transferring the single badge section to the new Bosleys Badge Auction, will reduce the number of lots to a manageable 500 to 600 lots per sale, with a much earlier ending time. The new sale layout will still include a selection of specially selected quantity badge lots  as well as the usual selection of medals, curios, headress, uniforms, German, swords, fighting knives, etc.  We have also made the decision to move our public auctions to our Ravon Court Saleroom in Stafford. This has proved a very difficult decision to make, after 25 years of auctioneering at Court Gardens, but weighing up all the advantages to our clients, it seems to be the way to take Bosleys forward for the next 25 years.
The Ravon Court Saleroom used by our sister company “Marlows”, brings several advantages: centrally placed in the United Kingdom and allows buyers in these public sales an opportunity to collect purchases by prior arrangement, if not attending. We are delighted to confirm that we will still be using our shipping agent, Dominic ,who will continue to charge the same basic packing costs he has maintained over the past years.
Our saleday times will remain the same and we will continue allow all day viewing, payment and clearance of items.

Bosleys remains the only UK auctioneer solely dedicated to offering military collectables